Aquatic Weed Control Non Invasive Pond Dredging & Sediment Removal
  Aquatic Weed Control Non Invasive Pond Dredging & Sediment Removal
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Ponds dredging no longer requires  invasive heavy equipment.

Florida Aquatic Services specializes in micro dredging. Basically we Vacuum the sediment that is settled on the bottom of your storm water retention pond.

The Florida Aquatic Services dewatering bags are a water filtering bag that is used for the removal of sediment, oil, and other pollution or waste from a water area. These filtering bags are typically made from a non-woven geotextile fabric that has been needle punched to allow only clean water to flow back out of the bag back into the ponds.


Upon water drying out of bag contents are safely removed from area.


Their high filtering qualities has made them perfect for pumping trenched, construction sites, ponds, lakes and for dewatering in municipalities or plants.
Helps comply with NPDES phase II


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