Aquatic Weed Control Non Invasive Pond Dredging & Sediment Removal
  Aquatic Weed Control Non Invasive Pond Dredging & Sediment Removal
The Florida Aquatic Services custom blend of live bacteria and enzymes specifically designed to improve water quality by reducing unwanted nutrients.
Chemical use is greatly decreased through the use of our standard biological bacteria treatements.
Decaying nutrients such as leaves, grass clipping, dead or dying plants, excessive food and other organic material build at the bottom of the pond in what is commonly called the "sludge" layer of the pond.
The sludge layer is most ofter responsible for undersible obers and low oxygen levels. Thus excessive algae. 
Our customized implementation of benificial bacteria in the normal maintennce program greatly reduces the need for chemicles at the same time degrade unwanted organic debris accumulation and improve the overall health of the pond while clearing the water column of unwanted organic material.



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